We use time-tested oil-based classical painting techniques that permit your Timeless Painting to cross the centuries. The lasting freshness and depth of such portraits may be due to the decades needed for their oil paint to fully dry, though clearly their prestige is also based on the intellectual tradition and techniques developed in the Renaissance and still used today by our artists. A painted portrait cannot be rushed, not only for the paint to settle, but for the artist to grow into the image itself.

For classical style portraits our artists follow the tried and tested rule of ‘Gras sur Maigre’ that allows the painter to pull out flexible contours and shading while holding a stable base behind the surface. This technique gives the artist the ability to precisely emulate the spirit of personalities found in every family.

At Timeless Paintings, we are working with artists who have achieved profound mastery in different techniques, styles, materials and surfaces and who have been personally selected by our team. All our painters are qualified connoisseurs with extensive educational backgrounds and production.


Acrylic on canvas




Acrylic paint on wall



Acrylic and oil on canvas




Pastel and sanguine on paper



Sanguine on Paper



Oil on canvas