Our story

Timeless Paintings is a company inspired by a friendship based on our shared values in trust, generosity and compassion. More like a family than friends, the three of us; a painter, a commercial artist and an art lover, visited the Musée d’Orsay in Paris on an afternoon excursion. While looking at the small selection of family portraits, we realized how many family moments and stories go untold despite their ubiquity and importance to each and every one of us. We agreed that one of the most timeless values for all humanity, if not the most timeless, is family.


Just after the visit, the art lover found an old black and white photo of his father as a boy standing with his family in a posed photograph taken just after World War One. Still framed but dusty with neglect and faded with age, the photo captured only a shadow of the personality and vitality of his father, his grandparents and aunts. Now, so many years later with none of them alive, the friend wanted a keepsake to be close to them so he could feel their energy and the security that comes with the union of a family. Knowing that making a group portrait is a painstaking endeavor requiring time, concentration and commitment, he timidly asked his friend the painter if she could commemorate his family with a painted portrait, a work of art more meaningful and lasting than the photo.


Of course she said yes, and six months later he hung the painting in his home where it connects him to his loved ones and he can feel the energy of his roots. His daughter now treasures the painting as much as he does. The portrait plays a real and emotional role in centering their bonds of love and family.

When the commercial artist saw the painting, she cried, “Eureka!”. It perfectly captured so many of their thoughts and emotions from that afternoon visit to the Musée d’Orsay. From this beautiful beginning, the concept of Timeless Paintings was born along with the wish to make it easy and rewarding for any family to have such a treasure.