The process

Your treasured family photo from the past or today will be transferred to canvas by one of our master artists. Every original hand-painted portrait starts with a clean canvas and uses only the highest quality oil-based paints and materials. You are involved in the decision making process from the start. We work together to select an appropriate photo and how to capture essential personal characteristics for the painting. We also assist with choosing a frame and with the hanging of the portrait.

1. Please send us your preferable photo with these notifications:

What size of painting would your prefer?
Is there a particular style of painting that attracts you most?
Is there a preferable deadline?

While we know that these and other questions can be difficult at times, we are happy to provide you with a no-obligation consultation. Do not hesitate to contact us.

2. We select the master artist that meets your preferences and send you a customized proposal, including work examples as well as cost estimates and prospective deadlines.

3. An appointment or a phone call consultation is then set in order to finalize the details and confirm the agreement.

4. As the painting process unfolds, we send you two photo updates and details of the progress.

5. Upon completion, your family portrait is carefully packed, insured and sent to your preferred address.

6. The awaited painting arrives along with a feedback form to let us know your opinion.